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The most comprehensive email verification service with 99%+ verification accuracy. Email list verification, bulk email verifier, email verifier API & automated email verification in one place.

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Email Verifier Solutions


Clean Old Email Lists

When sending an email campaign to an existing email list, you are risking your email reputation. If you haven’t emailed your list for longer than two months, it is likely that a some of the emails no longer exist.

Verify Old Emails »

Verify New Emails in Real-Time

Verify emails on your website as long as your visitors are still there. Real-time email verification has three main benefits.

Check Emails in Real-Time »

Block Temporary / Disposable Emails

To access free or limited features or information, we regularly ask for contact details, including email addresses. Many emails provided for free access are either fake emails or disposable emails.

Stop Temporary Emails »

Keep Email Marketing Account Forever Clean

MillionVerifier is offering a unique automatic email verification service called MillionVerifier EverClean.

Remove Bad Emails Automatically »

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Email Checker

MillionVerifier provides the most comprehensive email verification service with the highest accuracy on the market, including email checker service.

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Email Verifier Services

Email List Verification

Verifying your email list just becomes super easy with MillionVerifier. Just copy-paste your emails into our webapp and we will convert your list into a CSV file.

Email List Verifier »

Bulk Email Verifier

MillionVerifier is well known for its outstanding accuracy and its leading bulk email verification tool. One of our expertise is bulk email verification.

Bulk Email Verification »

Integrations Import

MillionVerifier is the only email verification service with ready to use integrations with 17 of the largest email marketing platforms.

ESP Integration Import »

Email Verifier API

MillionVerifier operates a super-fast API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to connect your website or application with our service, and you can verify the emails of your subscribers in real-time.

Email Verification API »

Automated Email Verification - EverClean

MillionVerifier offers a unique automated email verification system to keep your email marketing account clean of bad emails at all times.

Automated Email List Cleaning »

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Why MillionVerifier

Why MillionVerifier?

99%+ Accuracy Rate

During email verification, MillionVerifier completes a deep-level email verification. We check if the email syntax is correct and create an SMTP connection with the recipient email server to find out if the email address exists.

Email Verification Accuracy »

Best Email Verification Prices

We have created MillionVerifier to provide the best email verification service possible for email marketers with higher email verification needs. Hence, we aim to keep our prices as low as possible.

Best Email Verification Prices »

Excellent Email Verification Service

Our customers love what we do. We work hard to deliver the best results and user experience for our customers. MillionVerifier is rated excellent on Trustpilot.

MillionVerifier is Rated Excellent »

17+ Ready-to-Use Integrations

We have a ready-to-use integration with 17 email marketing providers to improve your email verification experience.

ESP Integrations »

Free EmailAcademy PRO

MillionVerifier is partnered with EmailAcademy to provide our users with a practical email marketing toolkit. All MillionVerifier customers get a coupon applied on EmailAcademy to get a PRO account for free.

EmailAcademy Pro»

Best User Experience

MillionVerifier is not just the most accurate email verifier at low cost but also invested in providing the best user experience with its easy-to-use web application. MillionVerifier is rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

Best Email Verification Experience »

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Highest Accuracy & Lowest Prices

We are proud of our outstanding accuacy and reasonable prices. MillionVerifier is perfect for businesses with high email verification needs.

MillionVerifier is unique to offer:

  • 99%+ Accuracy Rate
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Million Verifications For Only $389
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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are the only email verifier offering truly 100% money-back guarantee on our results, hence we are trusted by more than 70,000 businesses worldwide.

With MillionVerifier you get:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Results You Can Trust
  • Professional Support
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Accuracy Guaranteed by Deliverability Expert

MillionVerifier was founded and is managed by Tamás Szabó email deliverability expert. Our software was developed to make sure we provide the most accurate results on the market.

We are unique in email verification:

  • Managed by Deliverability Expert
  • Highest Accuracy On The Market
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Email Verifiy Inegrations

17+ Easy To Use Integrations

To make it super simple for you we are integrated with 17 large email marketing tools, and we keep connecting more.

Just a couple of clicks:

  • Connect your email marketing account
  • Import your emails for verification
  • Remove bad emails from your account

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Our users get a coupon to activate a Pro account on EmailAcademy. Pro users have lifetime access to all master lessons and 10+ useful email marketing tools.


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