99%+ Accuracy Rate

During email verification, MillionVerifier completes a deep-level email verification. We check if the email syntax is correct and create an SMTP connection with the recipient email server to find out if the email address exists. MillionVerifier’s verification accuracy is higher than 99%; hence we are rated excellent on Trustpilot.

The email verification process

MillionVerifier completes a comprehensive email verification process to provide our users with the highest email verification accuracy possible.

  • Duplicate removal: when you upload your contacts for verification in a CSV, TXT, or XLSX file, we first remove any duplicates from your file.
  • Email syntax check: we check if your email contains allowed characters only, a prefix, an @ sign, and a domain.
  • Domain check: we check if the email domain exists and has published DNS required to accept emails.
  • SMTP test: we connect to the email server of the email address and ask the recipient server if the email address exists.
  • Smart verify: we complete further email verification tests to eliminate false-positive and false-negative results.
  • Greylisting tests: some emails return a soft bounce to re-test them later. We complete an automated re-verification progress.
  • Typo correction: in real-time API, if the email address provided is likely to be a typo of a large email provider, we return a correction recommendation.
  • Catch all tests: we test if the email server is set to accept mail sent to invalid emails.
  • Disposable test: we test if a known temporary email address provider hosts the email address.
  • Free detection: we check if the email domain is a known free email service provider, such as Gmail.
  • Role detection: we check if the email account (prefix) is linked to a role rather than a person, such as info@ or admin@.

Outstanding accuracy

We have kept improving our email verification software for over six years now, and we are incredibly proud of our outstanding 99%+ email verification accuracy. Hence, we are the only email verifier offering a truly 100% money-back guarantee on our results.

Smart Verify

At MillionVerifier, we aim to go above and beyond when it comes to accuracy. We have kept improving our accuracy for more than six years, and we never stop improving.

Smart Verify is a new technology keeping our accuracy rate one step ahead of our competition and providing our users a higher than 99% email verification accuracy.

MillionVerifier extends its verification with actual life email sending data, which reduces the number of unknowns and catch-all results, and minimizes the number of false-negative and false-positive results.

Less Unknown and Catch-All Results

With the help of Smart Verify, we significantly cut down the number of unknown and catch-all emails in 2021. Hence, we are the only email verifier to refund your email verification credits for both unknown and catch-all emails.

Less False Negative/Positive Results

Email marketing, including email verification, is not exact. SMTP allows email servers to use any custom response that makes email verification impossible to be a 100% accurate service. On the other hand, email communication depends on a stable connection between the email servers. If the connection cannot be created or breaks for any reason, it can lead to inaccurate results.

Smart Verify reduces the % of false results, allowing us to be the most accurate email verification service on the market.