Block Temporary / Disposable Emails

To access free or limited features or information, we regularly ask for contact details, including email addresses. Many emails provided for free access are either fake emails or disposable emails.

What are disposable emails?

Disposable or temporary emails are emails created only to get free access. These email accounts exist for a brief period. Usually for less than one day. They use this email to get access, and the next day you will have hard bounces.

Increasing Threat of Temporary Emails

There are millions of searches every month for temporary email address providers. Those who provide freemium services or give access to software or information in return to users’ email addresses face an increasing threat of these users.

Temporary/Disposable Email Detection

MillionVerifier recognizes the importance of fighting these dishonest subscribers. Hence, we are operating the broadest disposable email protection for our users.
Using any email verification method on MillionVerifier, you will be protected from disposable email addresses.