Clean Old Email Lists

When sending an email campaign to an existing email list, you are risking your email reputation. If you haven’t emailed your list for longer than two months, it is likely that a small % of the emails no longer exist. The longer this period is, the more bad emails you have on your list.

How to verify email lists?

MillionVerifier offers the most comprehensive email list verification system:

  • Upload your contacts in a TXT, CSV, XLSX file.
  • Copy-paste your emails.
  • Import from your email marketing tool.
  • Set up automatic email verification with your email marketing tool.
  • Integrate your databases with bulk email verification API.

Upload your contacts in a TXT, CSV, XLSX file

You can upload your contact emails in a TXT, CSV, or XLSX file. Your files may contain additional data columns. They will be included in your results files.

Copy-paste your emails.

You can copy-paste your emails into our email verification tool that we will convert into a CSV file. Once started, it is the same bulk email verification as the upload version.

Import from your email marketing tool.

Connect your email marketing tool with MillionVerifier and import your contacts with a single click to start bulk email verify. This integration allows you to take action from your MillionVerifier account. You can remove bad emails from your marketing tool with a few clicks.

Set Up Automatic Email Verification

The first step is the same, connect your email marketing tool. However, in this case, you not just import your list but set up an automation to verify your email lists every day from now on.

Integrate with Bulk API

This option is for users who have a regular need to clean new databases automatically. You can send us CSV files for email verification programmatically, and you can retrieve their results without human interaction.